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No one would resist the look of our pooch when we tryna eat something? Your cute little pooch would definitely want a piece of something you eat and even we can’t resist ourselves from sharing them with him. But, hold on before spoiling him. As a good and caring dog owner, one should know when to say Yes and No to our furry babies.

This is a list of whatsoever not to eat foods, no matter how cutely they beg you. 


If you wanna know the one thing a dog should never eat, it must be chocolate. Do you know someone who hates chocolate? If you know that someone let it be your dog first.

Usually, dogs don’t hate chocolate but the bad thing here is “Theobromine” – a bad component in chocolate that would cause vomit, and diarrhea in dogs. So, never show pity for him when it comes to chocolates. It may cause tremors, seizures and even death if unmonitored.


Can a treat on the table harm your dog? Yes, maybe if it’s an Avocado. Avocado is known for its ridiculously harmful component called “Persin” which might affect your Dog’s intestinal tract and may become fatal if it obstructs the bowels of your Dog. So do watch out your doggie if you grow Avocado at your home garden.

Grapes and Raisins:

Even a little of grapes and raisins would cause kidney failure in dogs. Over vomiting could be a sign of this. It could be fatal for a dog if he eats grapes and keeps unmonitored. It’s better to keep them as far as away from his sight.

Onion and Garlic:

Eating onion and garlic will kill the red blood cells in your dog. A small dose of them would be okay but an overdose could be fatal due to anemia in dogs. Better keep your onion and garlic away from your dog’s reach even if it’s either powdered or onion flavored food.

Macadamia Nuts:

Keep your dogs away from macadamia nuts as it would cause vomit, muscle weakness and high temperature in dogs. Just half a dozen nuts could cause more harm than you think. Though the toxic component is not yet identified, it’s better not to feed your pup with nuts especially macadamia nuts. 

Raw Meat, Eggs, and Fish:

Raw eggs have a bacteria called “E.Coli” which would cause food poisoning for your dog. Even meat and fish are not recommended to be given to dogs when it’s uncooked as they have a parasite which would also cause food poisoning. If it’s eaten, better consult your vet right away because it’s treatable.

Milk and Dairy:

Dairy products like ice cream or cheese would trigger allergies and gastrointestinal trouble in your dog due to their intolerance to milk enzymes like lactose. Never get tempted to share even a bit of cheese with your dog which could cause diarrhea for him. Be selfish when it comes to ice cream. 

Salty Foods:

Keep the salt low when you share the foods with your dog as it may cause sodium ion poisoning and over thirstiness for your pup. Excessive sodium would be fatal due to high temperature, diarrhea, and seizures. Better limit the salt intake in the foods that you consume, too.


You know how bad the consumption of alcohol is for humans. With no surprise, it’s even more harmful when it comes to dogs. The effect is inversely proportional to the size of your pooch. So puppies are so vulnerable to alcohol than the grown-ups. Even a little of liquor, wine or beer is dangerous for your dog.

Sugary Foods:

More sugar means more weight and potentially diabetes in humans. Having said that, it’s the same in the case of dogs. Over sugar intake will cause diabetes, dental decay, and obesity in dogs. Better keep the sugar in the limit for your dog and you, too.

It’s better not to feed your pup with snacks and treats too much because it won’t be a balanced diet. Moreover, it may cause obesity. So better choose a balanced diet for your pup with the proper mix of all food varieties.

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